Education & coaching for coffee businesses


Sample Testing

Roast Evaluation

Recipe Development

In Person Training

Whether you are new to the coffee world, or have years of experience and are looking to improve your current knowledge, I provide hands on trainings for areas including roasting & cupping.

Starting at $150 Per Hour / $1200 Per Day
Pricing & availability will vary based on location

Remote Consultations

Coffee consultation services are available for general coffee education, green and roasted sample evaluations, blend and recipe development, equipment review, food safety program development, and more.

Starting at $100 Per Hour

Monthly Subscription

Subscription model includes 10 hours of remote consultation services per month. This creates a relationship between LilCoffeeGeek and your brand, providing a consistent outlet for advice, education, and evaluations.

$800 Per Month

Let's Chat

If you are looking to increase your coffee knowledge, improve your skills, or grow your business, I am here to help. Let's work together to create the highest and best quality product possible!

"Lily has been a huge asset for me and my coffee business. I hired her in a few different areas where I really needed a lot of help: blending coffees, learning how to cup my coffees, brewing pour overs. I feel incredibly confident that my offerings improved immensely after Lily helped me. I am looking forward to hiring Lily again to help create a new coffee profile once I get my new coffee roaster. "

-Tyler Whitehead, Ignite Coffee